On stage at The King Billy, Sept 2000

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News - Chart Success

We received an e-mail on 24th Oct, from a Bosnian radio station, informing us that 'Luv Buzz' had entered the chart at no.17. A bit closer to home, Osmosis are no.9 in Northampton's Virgin Megastore Local Heroes Chart.

Read the Northampton Music Press review of our last gig at Danny Boy's.   

We're back in the recording studio in November, so no gigs for a few weeks.

The Luv Buzz album is available through Peoplesound.com. The music is 'punkier' and more up tempo than the 'Lifeline' sessions. Check out the free MP3!!

25 Records Releases
Off The Hook is being released on 6th July with our 'Luv Buzz' kicking off as track one.

Osmosis appear on 2  other compilation CDs from 25 Records 'Now I Can Fly' on Ooer Missus and 'Lifeline' on One Two Blow.  They can be obtained by contacting 25 Records.  

You can download the track 'Luv Buzz' and others by hitting this button  WB01342_.gif (412 bytes).

Northampton Outlets
At long last the 'Luv Buzz' album is now available locally from both Virgin and Spinadisc  for about 6 quid - bargain!!!!!

Available now at Spinadisc & Virgin for about 6 quid - BARGAIN!!!!

Osmosis - a definition
1. Movement of a solvent through a semipermeable membrane into a solution of higher concentration that tends to equalise the concentration on both sides of the membrane. 2. A process of absorption or diffusion - osmotic adj. 3. An innovative rock band from Northampton.


New - live shots from the latest gig plus candid studio pictures!!

 new official Osmosis site now up and running!!!

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Contact Us

E-mail us at osmosis@trumanp.freeserve.co.uk

For more information concerning Flying Pig Records contact flyingpig@trumanp.freeserve.co.uk

Hear Osmosis on the 25 Records website http://www.25records.com

To check out other Northampton bands visit www.northamptonbands.co.uk